Area Info.

Abingdon, Va.

 Abingdon  is a city rich in tradition and beauty. The oldest town west of the  Blue Ridge Mountains, Abingdon has served as the Washington County seat  since 1778> The Barter Theatre, Martha Washington Inn and Mount  Rogers Recreation area all enhance the town. For more information, see  Abingdon Virginia's Electronic Village at or the Abingdon Town Site at 

Washington County, Va.

 The  Washington County area contains approximately 563 square miles with an  elevation ranging between 1698 and 5520 feet. Interstate 81 traverses  the county as a major route between the northeast and southern states.  Industrial, agricultural, residential and cultural areas blend together  into an excellent and well-balanced community. 


 The  Tri-Cities area, which includes Bristol Va-Tn, Kingsport Tn and Johnson  City Tn, is adjacent to Abingdon & Washington County and enhances  the area with convenience of city and the atmosphere of country living.